It's a Vibe

Some days we want a glass of wine, and some days we don't. But what we always want is great flavor, and the opportunity to make mindful drinking choices, no matter our situation. At Weekday Vibes, we're here for the joy, not for the judgement, and we'll always raise our glass to bubbly nights that lead to effervescent mornings. Because choosing joy is always a vibe.

We wanted to create delicious non-alcoholic wine cocktails that feel like the real thing. That's why we start with premium California wine to create infinitely sippable wine spritzes you can enjoy all week long.

We are excited to be a part of the movement giving people mindful drinking choices: whether they are fully sober, sober curious, or "situationally sober" (e.g. pregnant/nursing, designated driver, training for a major athletic event), Weekday Vibes is about providing #joywithoutjudgement.

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